Scriptural Rosary 2.5: Optimised for iOS 9 and watchOS 2

This update brings the San Francisco font to be used in the whole app, giving better overall experience while praying the rosary. Before that Helvetica Neue font is used for the body and Old London font is used for the title.

3D Touch support

With the new 3D touch feature introduced in iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, I also implemented this feature in the app as a quick menu when pressure is applied to the app icon. User will be able to directly start a new rosary, view the prayers before rosary, choose mystery, or continue from last rosary. This saves one more tap instead of going to the main screen first.
Rosary app 3D Touch feature


Icons are also added in the main screen and the mystery selection screen, giving visual appeal for the people using the app.

Portuguese language

Portuguese language has been added in this 2.5 update. So in total Scriptural Rosary app supports 9 languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, Dutch, Indonesian, and Portuguese. As always, Latin prayers are available within the app.

Sign of Cross in Portuguese

Mystery selection in Portuguese

First Joyful Mystery in Portuguese Second Sorrowful Mystery in Portuguese

Apple Watch app

For the Apple Watch app, this update brings more reliable watch app since it is using watchOS 2, which means the watch app can be used on its own without the iPhone. No more bluetooth data transfer between the iPhone and Apple watch because the texts and images are stored locally in the Apple Watch.


Glance feature is also added in this 2.5 update. Now you can just swipe up and view the Glance of the rosary mystery for today or where you have left the last rosary you prayed before.

Simulator Screen Shot 21 Dec 2015, 10.43.15 AM Simulator Screen Shot 21 Dec 2015, 10.42.52 AM


If you prefer the information to be more visible in the watch face, I also add Complication feature in this 2.5 update. View the progress of your last rosary prayed or the mystery of the day within the watch face, available when you lift up your wrist to see the time.

Simulator Screen Shot 20 Dec 2015, 12.00.30 PM Simulator Screen Shot 20 Dec 2015, 12.00.03 PM Simulator Screen Shot 20 Dec 2015, 11.59.06 AM Simulator Screen Shot 20 Dec 2015, 11.58.39 AM

Download this update from the App Store:

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