The Emmaus Young Adult Catholic Charismatic Prayer Group


The name is inspired by the journey of the two disciples on the road to Emmaus where Jesus was present. The disciples, like many of us, were not aware of God’s presence in their lives. The word “Emmaus” also reminds us how the disciples’ hearts were burning as they listened to Jesus explaining the scripture passages about the Christ, and how they recognized Jesus at the breaking of the bread, and how they subsequently became very passionate to spread the Good news of their encounter with Jesus to the eleven apostles and their companions in Jerusalem.

The young adults of The Emmaus relive this experience as we pray in our weekly meeting. We also break the word of God to deepen our experience of the work of the Lord in our lives. Not only that, we try to live our “eucharist” that we celebrate every Sunday. We hope to put the Eucharist as the source and summit of our christian lives. And as our hearts burn with the fire of the Holy Spirit, we live our daily lives as God’s witnesses.

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